Why I turned down $45,000 and Joined EXP Realty

Why I turned down $45,000 and Joined EXP Realty

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$45,000 – What could you do with $45,000? I could buy a brand new car, I could use it to make a down payment on the home of my dreams, I could pay off a mortgage on one of my rental properties.
So who would turn down $45,000!? Me! I turned down a $45,000 sign on bonus to come and work for one of the best brokerages in the world as a real estate agent

Why? Because that brokerage was not exp.

Exp is the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the United States and for good reason. We just had 2000 agents join exp in the last 40 days!

Here are 3 reasons I joined Exp

1 – Multiple Streams of Income

I make 4 sources of income through exp, most brokerages offer 1. Our publicly traded stock expi which every agent gets for joining is almost $13.00 at the time I made this video. This time last year the stock was less than $4.00.
The biggest issue most real estate agencies is that most realtors do not set themselves up for retirement and most realtors at traditional brokerages literally live commission to commission. Exp is completely different and sets up realtors to live a lifestyle

2 – Technology and Tools

Exp is a technology company that sells real estate. We have the most cutting edge tools and resources at our fingertips. We have amazing lead generation and conversion resources. Since we are a technology company it also means we will sell our clients homes faster and for more money.

3 – Training and Mentoring

Exp has 32 hours of live training every single week. The training provided through exp rivals the training that I paid over $40,000 for. There are also hundreds of hours of archive training you can do at any time in the cloud.
The thing I am most excited about is the mentorship available and being able to mentor other agents and investors all across the United States. In the past, I have charged $10,000 for 12 hours of coaching calls. Now I can offer my mentorship to people for free! It is exciting because I can take people’s business to the next level whether they want to flip houses, be a better real estate broker, own rental properties, set up passive income streams for the rest of their life, or all of the above. I’ve flipped over 100 homes, was the top producing agent at my last office in 2017, had a radio show, am a best selling author, and have coached people all across the United States and Canada on these very topics. One of my coaching students made over $100,000 on his first flip that I helped coach him through.

I want to do the same for you and that is why I am excited. Contact me and let me help take your real estate business to the next level!

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