Marketing Plan

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Press Play to See Our Marketing Plan To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

Step 1: Create Unique Website

Retail Value:  $500

We want 1000’s of buyers going to the website we create to view your home exclusively instead of going to consumer websites like Zillow or Redfin with 1000’s of competing homes listed for sale.  On the website, buyers can view photos, videos, the 3D tour, floor plans, print brochures, learn about schools, and much more!

Step 2: Create 24 Hour Text Hot Line & QR Code

Retail Value:  $50

 Text “StreetOrCityName” to 79564


This is important for people who are driving by your home.  They can text or scan the QR Code and get information sent instantly to their phone.  You can download a Free QR Scanner for free at the app store.

The sign in the yard will have a custom rider made for your home so people can text the hotline or visit your website from their smart phone.

Step 3:  Professional Photographer Takes 25 to 40 High Resolution Photos of Your Home

Retail Value:  $800


Step 4: Virtually Stage Empty Rooms

Retail Value:  $1000

Step 5: Professional Videographer Creates a High Definition Virtual Tour of Your Home

Retail Value:  $1,000 – $5,000


Professional pictures are simply not enough.  As a seller, you are entering an online competition with hundreds or thousands of homes for sale.

We want to make your home standout over the competition.  Over 41% of homes on the market fail to sell and you do not want to become one of them.

Every one of our videos are shot in brilliant high definition to showcase your home.  In some cases, we will even hire a producer, writer, and actors to create a truly one of a kind video. The photo above is a behind the scenes look of a video shoot on a home that we sold in 1 day after the previous agent failed.

Step 6: Create Floor Plans

Retail Value:  $200

It is important to show potential buyers the flow of your home. This will increase the number of quality showings for your home.

Step 7: Create Digital Floor Plans

Retail Value:  $200


Potential buyers will interact and digitally engage with your home which keeps them focused on your home and not the other listings for sale in the neighborhood.

Step 8: Create 3D Virtual Reality Tour with Unique Website

Retail Value:  $1,000

Your home will have an interactive 3D virtual reality tour.  If a buyer that lives in another state or overseas is looking to buy a home in your backyard, they no longer need to get on a plane to see your home. Technology allows buyers to virtually walk themselves through your home by clicking on the circles to navigate the entire home. A potential buyer can now confidently make an offer on your home without ever physically stepping foot in your home since they walked it virtually. To experience this fantastic marketing tool for yourself on one of my listings, visit

You can use your computer, tablet, smart phone, or virtual reality headset.

Step 9: Aerial Photography/Videography

Retail Value:  $875

Clients are looking for interactive and realistic presentations and because of this fact, aerial photos and videos are a wonderful form of promotion.  Aerial photography and videos are also great tools for highlighting the neighborhood and lot.

Step 10: Create Facebook Page

I will create a unique Facebook page for you similar to a website.  I will invite my friends and family to like the page and you can do it too once we go live.  This can potentially get 40,000 eyeballs on your property!

When you click the SHARE button, you can send this to your friends and family.  I recommend sending this message when you click SHARE:

“Hi this is (your name).  I wanted you to know that I have a home for sale.  Please LIKE my Home’s Page.  If you or someone you know is in the market to purchase a home, please contact me.  Please click your SHARE button and send a personal message to your friends letting them know my home is for sale.  One of your friends maybe in the market to purchase a home.  Please ask them to LIKE my Home’s page.  I appreciate your help!”

Step 11: Create Facebook Ads

Budget:  $200

I will promote your open house on Facebook by creating a paid advertisement.  I will budget $200 for the ads I run to target potential buyers in the area that make 20-50% of your home’s list price annually in income.  This will put your home front and center of potential buyers.  Potential buyers also begin to engage with your home on social media and tag friends and family that might be looking in the area.

Over 15,000 people were reached with this $200 ad!

Step 12: Other Social Postings

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a very powerful business/social media platform where I have over 7,000 connections.  I will share the information about your home with my network and connections.

Twitter: After we’ve made the website for your house, we will use Twitter to inform people about your house by linking Twitter posts to your website.  Twitter followers can retweet our posts and spread the word about your property.

Google+:  When you post something to a blog, it can take weeks or months for it to show up on Google’s search rankings. But when you post something to a Google Plus page, it shows up almost instantly. This is because Google indexes anything that is posted into Google Plus very quickly. Not only will our actual posts show up in the search rankings sooner, the links in them will get a nice little boost on their search position. Plus, the more people who click on our link, share our link or possibly “+1” our link, the more Google thinks it is credible and worthy of the elusive top ranking on the search results.

Pintrest: Pintrest is a great place to share the high-resolution photography that we created for your home and direct them to the website for your home. We also utilize hashtags so that people find your pins.

Step 13: Verify Tax Records

 It is important to verify tax records to make sure that they are accurate before using the information for advertising.  Tax records are known to have the wrong square footage and incorrect information.  We want to make sure that we promote your home with accurate data.

Step 14: Complete Comparative Market Analysis

A home is one of your largest assets so it is important to look to do an in-depth analysis of its value. Our market analysis will help us make a business decision that most benefits you.

Step 15: Complete Market Research

We have partnered with the MLS to get very specific data about your home.  Because of our strategic partnership with the MLS, we know how many buyers are working with agents at various list price points.  For example: a home listed at $974,000 may have 10% less buyers than a home that is listed at $1,000,000 in your neighborhood.  We never guess before pricing a home, we always look at all the data and work with our homeowners to achieve their goals.

In the example below, houses are selling between 950k and 1.25 million.  We run multiple scenarios and incorporate the homes features to strategically price the home.

$950,000 – There are x buyers working with Realtors

$974,000 – There are x buyers working with Realtors

$975,000 – There are x buyers working with Realtors

$999,000 – There are x buyers working with Realtors

$1,000,000 – There are x buyers working with Realtors

$1,025,000 – There are x buyers working with Realtors

$1,050,000 – There are x buyers working with Realtors

$1,099,000 – There are x buyers working with Realtors

$1,100,000 – There are x buyers working with Realtors

$1,199,000 – There are x buyers working with Realtors

$1,200,000 – There are x buyers working with Realtors

$1,249,000 – There are x buyers working with Realtors

$1,250,000 – There are x buyers working with Realtors

Visit to see how we set the highest sold record by over $50,000 in just 2 days in a neighborhood using market research & the strategies contained within this marketing plan! We even had a smaller house than most homes in the neighborhood which resulted in us selling $32.12 per square foot higher than the previous record holder!

Step 16: Strategically Price the home

We run a detailed comparative market analysis and use reverse prospecting to price the home.  The biggest mistake real estate agents make is the listing price.  Many agents will list a $1,000,000 home for $999,000.

The reason most agents do that is the same reason candy bars are 99 cents.  It sounds cheaper than a dollar.  The problem with this logic is that buyers look at price ranges in $10,000, $25,000, & $50,000 increments, not $1,000 increments.  For example, if a buyer’s pre-approval letter is for $1,200,000, they are probably set up on a search to look at homes priced between $1,000,000 – $1,250,000.  They are most likely not set up on a price range search to look at homes between $999,000-$1,249,000 but $1,000,000 – $1,250,000 and now the home is not even seen by those buyers when the home is listed at $999,000.

Actual Case:  Selling a home in a day that the previous agent failed to sell is not an easy task in February.  According to data from MRED (Midwest Real Estate Data), the average market time was 517 days in that month for that market and we were still able to sell it in a day!  Why?  Because we strategically priced the home at $1,000,000 and we used every strategy contained in this marketing plan!  To learn more visit

To prove this point further, take some time and look at how all the consumer websites are set up.  They do not have an option to look at homes starting at $999,000.  If you listed your 1M home at $999,000, your home would not be seen by buyers on Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and thousands of other sites!

Step 17: Broadcast Your Property

Since 90% of homebuyers start their search online, we market your property on key real estate sites like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and over 3,500 additional websites generate more than double the exposure of your property to buyers across the U.S. and from over 140 international markets.

Step 18: Optimize For Google

 Through strategic use of meta tags, keywords and a unique SEO page coded just for your home, we help your property rank higher in Google searches.

Step 19: Your Home on Youtube

 YouTube is the second largest search engine online, so it’s critical that your home is featured on this channel.  The video for your home will be on YouTube within hours after we launch the website for your home.

Most importantly, Google owns YouTube.  When you post something to YouTube with the proper keywords, title, description, and tags, it can rank on Google in hours.  This is because Google indexes anything that is posted into YouTube very quickly.

Step 20: Create Property Business Cards

Retail Value:  $40

 These business cards are a simple way to get information about your home out to as many people as possible.  They can be given out to virtually anyone you encounter.  This is a great way to promote your property no matter where you are since they fit perfectly in your wallet or purse.

Step 21: Brochures, Flyers, & Pamphlets

Retail Value:  $500

Why physical print advertisement?

  • People view physical advertising longer than digital advertising.
  • People remember physical advertising for a longer time and recall details more quickly and more confidently than digital advertising.
  • Physical advertising produces a stronger emotional response, triggering activity in the brain that is responsible for value and desirability, which signals a greater intent to purchase.

Step 22: 1000 – 2000 Mailers

Retail Value:  $1000 – $2,000

The mailers we send out will give you maximum exposure for your home.  The mailers we send are a personal touch and will direct buyers to your website, virtual tour, and 3D tour. We want 1000s of potential buyers going to the website we created to view your home exclusively in order to create the potential for getting more than the list price.

Below is a photo example of how our Facebook ads and mailers worked together to completely saturate a market with our listing.


Step 23: List at 12:01am

Days on market are extremely important!  You want to have the most exposure for your property for a full 24 hours on your first day of listing.

We enter as much data and features under appropriate categories for the home as possible and listing school names, not just districts.

For example:  If your home has a first floor bedroom, first floor full bathroom, and a second floor laundry, we want to list those features because many buyers will set searches with their real estate broker to look for homes with very specific features. If those features are not listed appropriately, your home may not be found by potential buyers because your home will not show up in search results.

 Step 24:  Mega Open House

All of this marketing is used to drive massive amounts of buyers to your open house and create the most demand for your home.

Step 25: Sell Your Home for the Most Amount of Money

Steps 1 – 25 are designed to get buyers looking at your home and Realtors wanting to sell it. We want to make all the local agents who have qualified buyers needing to purchase a home in the next 21 days go to work for you.

You can only do this by using aggressive marketing that makes buyers want to break down the door to buy your home and agents begging to sell it. If the next agent you hire does not do all 25 steps in this marketing plan, you are leaving money on the table.

I will work hard to sell your home for the highest amount possible in the shortest amount of time with personal attention at each step of the process.

To our mutual success,

Joshua Inglis, Broker
EXP Realty

630-544-1504 main

855-735-5795 fax

800-HOPE-DAY toll-free


Step 26: I will Donate to the Charity of Your Choice

Building relationships with open communication is key to the selling of any home and the relationship that we will create is something I will value for a long time to come.

We strongly believe in giving back to the communities we work in, so contribution is of the utmost importance to us.  In order to thank you for choosing my team to assist in selling your home, I will make a donation to the charity of your choice after closing or make a professional video for them if you can connect me with their public relations department.

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