Home Sale Record

Home Sale Record

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Setting a new high home sale record for a neighborhood is never an easy task but it’s even more impressive when its done in 2 days!

Previous Record at time of appraisal: 3673 Saratoga Ave
Tax Square Feet: 2,526
Sold Price: $555,555
Sold Price Per Square Foot: $219.93

New Record sold by our team: 3713 Venard Rd
Tax Square Feet: 2,440
Sold Price: $615,000
Sold Price Per Square Foot: $252.05

That’s a whopping $32.12 price per square foot difference from the previous record at the time of the appraisal!

We also tied for selling this home the quickest since we had it under contract in 2 days!

See how I sold a million dollar listing in 1 day that a previous agent failed to sell by clicking here

How did I pull it off? Simple…an aggressive marketing plan paired with an aggressive agent.  Lets look at some of the marketing I did for this home to set a home sale record.

Custom Website www.3713venard.com

We want 1000’s of buyers going to the website we create to view your home exclusively instead of going to consumer websites like Zillow or Redfin with 1000’s of competing homes listed for sale.  On the website, buyers can view the high resolution photos, the high definition video, the 3D tour, floor plans, print brochures, learn about schools, and much more!

Every home that we list gets a custom website.  See the website we created by visiting www.3713venard.com

High Resolution Photography

People on the internet will make a split decision whether they are interested in your home.  If they click next or not interested, they will likely never see your home ever again.

As a seller, you are entering an online competition with hundreds or thousands of homes for sale.  If the photos are not the most brilliant and the highest resolution, your home will be overlooked.

Drone Photography

Since this property had an amazing back yard, we wanted to highlight it using drone photography.  Drone photography is standard on all of my listings.

High Definition Video

When most agents tell you that they will create a virtual tour for your home, they are talking about creating a slide show with piano music.  NO ONE WATCHES STANDARD VIRTUAL TOURS!  No one is going to sit through a slow slideshow that pans photos from left to right when they can click through photos much quicker on their own.

High definition video virtual tours are much different because they are actual video.  This allows to show details of the home and has a much different feel than photos and is much more visually appealing.  It also allows me to be in it and narrate certain features of the home that photos cannot simply do.  I always ask the owner of a home when I do a video which features that they would like highlighted in the video. Watch the high definition here:

3D Virtual Tour

3D Tours are standard on all my listings and a 3D tour is the next best thing to actually doing a showing for a home.  It allows buyers to virtually walk through a home like they are physically walking through it.  It makes it possible for anyone in the world to walk through a home no matter where they are at.  Having a 3D tour differentiates your home from any other listing on the market.  If a potential buyer is moving from another state/country and does not have time to get on a plane, their only option to purchase a home are ones with 3D tours which is less than 5% of listed homes currently.  No matter how good photos are, a person can never really tell how a home feels and what the true layout is.  I have shown homes countless times where a buyer will tell me, this isn’t what I thought the home was like or I don’t like the layout.  If the home had a 3D tour, it would eliminate this completely because the buyer can virtually walk themselves through a home and take as much time as they like.  The website I created for just the 3D tour on this home was www.downers3dtour.com if you want to see this full screen or with your VR headset.  Otherwise you can try it below

Print Advertising

Here are the facts about print advertising:

  • People view physical advertising longer than digital advertising.
  • People remember physical advertising for a longer time and recall details more quickly and more confidently than digital advertising.
  • Physical advertising produces a stronger emotional response, triggering activity in the brain that is responsible for value and desirability, which signals a greater intent to purchase.

Here is some of the print advertising we created for 3713 Venard which included property business cards, door hangers, large flyers, small flyers, brochures, mailers, and thank you cards.

Facebook Page and Facebook Ads www.facebook.com/downersgrovehomes/

We create a unique facebook page for your home, similar to the website we created for you.  This allows people to interact with your home on social media!  People will see photos, the high definition video virtual tour, the 3D tour, and the floor plans.  See the facebook page we created by visiting www.facebook.com/downersgrovehomes/

In Conclusion

These are just some of the reasons why we set a sales record in Orchard Brook and sold the home in two days.  I aggressively market every single one of my listings whether it is a million-dollar listing or a one bedroom condo.  Call/text me at 630-544-1504 or email me at josh@ssoolldd.com and I will be happy to create a marketing plan to accomplish your goals.  If you are intersted in a free home valuation, click here




Joshua Inglis, broker, United Real Estate

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