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My birthday recently past which is a great time to reflect on life, make plans, and be grateful. I am extremely grateful for my amazing family especially my parents that sacrificed so much for us growing up. I am grateful for you my friends, I would not be able to make a living without you. I am grateful for my health, for my mind, my body, my soul, my vision, my hearing, my faith, love, my amazing team, and a million other things. God has truly blessed me in all things, even in my failures!

So why is it important to be grateful? It is impossible to be sad, angry, depressed, or overwhelmed when you in a grateful state. That is why I don’t just practice gratitude once a year on my birthday or on Christmas or Thanksgiving, I practice gratitude every single day before I get out of bed in the morning. Starting my day off with gratitude every day has changed my life because it sets the day up for success and makes me appreciate even the small things.

It is important to recognize that the absolute worst day of your life is better than may peoples best day in their life!
There are people that are born into sex slavery and other unthinkable circumstances that are living through hell on earth every single day. I frankly do not have a right to be anything but grateful! Even times in my life when nothing seemed to go right, it was peanuts compared to what other people are going through and have gone through.

I encourage you to make the rest of your life, the best of your life! Be grateful! Be positive! Inspire! I challenge you, do not go to bed at night without being grateful and do not start your day off without being grateful. I promise you, your life will change forever!

In relation to gratitude, I am grateful for what Care for Cars is doing in the community. I recently made a video for Care for Cars which has helped hundreds of people with much needed car repairs. If a person has job and their car breaks down, they can no longer commute to work. I really love what they are doing because they are helping people keep their jobs by getting the vehicles fixed so people can make it into work with a safe and reliable vehicle.

In one of the videos Darryl Watson talks about how Care for Cars enabled him to get back and forth to his chemotherapy treatments in his battle against cancer. Care for Cars literally saved his life.

What Darryl also told me off camera was pretty incredible. He was once a gang leader in the city Chicago. He completely turned his life around and now helps kids avoid joining gangs and leave gangs which is not an easy thing to do. Many gangs will attempt to kill you if you try to leave. As I mentioned earlier, your worst day, may be someone’s best day. I am grateful for what this man is doing for our youth and that I am able to share this story with you.

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