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I ran cross country and track during my high school years and graduated Romeoville in the top ten percent of my class and received a scholarship to attend DeVry University.  I graduated DeVry University in 2005 with a 4.0 GPA while working a full time job as a night auditor for a hotel during my schooling.  I love helping people so I pursued my dream in real estate and have integrated the cutting edge technology from school into my business.  I have attended hundreds of real estate classes and seminars throughout my career and have spent over one hundred thousand dollars to educate myself in advanced real estate techniques.  I have also spoken all across the USA and even internationally about advanced real estate sales techniques.


I am committed to creating more value than I consume. Filling the needs of my team, customers, clients, and investors first is of the utmost importance. I live my life and run my business based on win-win philosophies and the virtues of integrity, abundance, love, and respect. I am well versed in property valuation, complex real estate transactions, renovation, short sale management, private money lending, investment real estate, auctions, mortgage lending, marketing, rentals, lead generation and technology.  I am a real estate broker with EXP Realty which is a technology based brokerage which is publicly traded real estate company on the New York Stock exchange and the fastest growing brokerage in the nation.  My number one goal is to sell your property for the highest amount possible in the shortest amount of time with personal attention at each step of the process.  Because real estate transactions don’t stick to regular business hours, I am available seven days a week, often coming in early and staying late as necessary to get the job done.


I believe in giving back so I work with Fortune Builders (stars of A&E “Flip This House”) as a real estate investment coach mentoring local and national students on wealth building strategies, selling real estate as a broker, and the mind set of an entrepreneur. I founded Redevelop University which teaches local real estate brokers advanced marketing strategies here in Chicago.  I am also the president of Midwest Real Estate Solutions and the vice president of Olivia Homes LLC, Olivia Property Management, and 1 Builders. I was once the the radio show host of Real Estate Airwaves  in Chicago which was distributed across the country. I am also the best selling author of “15 Reasons Your House Hasn’t Sold: The Blueprint to Sell Any House“.  Contact me at 630-544-1504 for a free autographed copy.


I am a real estate broker with EXP Realty because they are disrupting the marketplace. EXP Realty provides powerful marketing programs along with technology-based services that are unique to the industry. Home Team IL is a group of licensed brokers that I formed under EXP Realty to help people sell their home for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time with personal attention at each step of the process.  Learn more about our marketing plan here.

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